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Shirtfire by spittfireart

Sorry I haven’t been around, but check out this sweet Spitfire you can get on a shirt!

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Spitfire done in pastel pencils!

Wow! I just saw this! Thank you so much this is great!

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Fire Hazard

2UMBLR 2WO YEAR 2PECIAL 3/999999: Spittfire

This is definitely one of the more meta picks on this list, because I wouldn’t say Spittfire has influenced my writing or art in a big way. But it’s impossible to ignore, because it was two Spitfire blogs starting at around the same time. They both started off in a kind of similar ask format, and it’s fascinating to see the different directions the blogs took, in terms of style, and purpose, and where it took the artists behind them. I will admit to some jealousy at how Amanda makes everything so damn pretty, but ultimately I think the real value of this comparison is knowing that there’s always another point of view on the same thing.

Ahhh yes that is such a perfect point. The reason I love following other Spitfire blogs is because of that exactly! I love seeing everyone’s different take on the character. I’ve always enjoyed your blog, and this was a real treat to see! Thanks so much!

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I’m currently working on 8 illustrations of the ladies of the Wonderbolts on their “Day Off.”  It’s going to be an e-book available as a pay-what-you-want sort of deal. 

It’s still in the works, and more details will be released as I iron them out. But it will probably be out in the next month or so. 

It also may be available for purchase in magazine form at the next BronyCon!

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I hope you like rock~

-Sour Lemonade (AskLibraPony) (Ask-internetexplorer)

Can I just say how amazingly wonderful this is? 

This is probably one of the coolest things anyone has ever made for me. And I cannot say thank you enough! 

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Commission: HeroAce by spittfireart

Started working on commissions again!

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gest rt fur u

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(((Sketch taken from Amanda (Spittfireart).

I really, sin-cere-ly hope she doesn’t mind! Because I looked at that incredible sketch and thought “oh what a shame to leave it uncolored…”)))

MOD: I just love how this came out. Your colors really bring my sketch to life. :’)

Thanks again for such a wonderful surprise!

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I never update

I’m the worst blogger

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gosh Spitfire, why is your hair so stupid….ly amazing?

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